VR Experience Amsterdam

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At VR Experience Amsterdam you enter into new worlds. We offer an experience that lets you play with 1, 2, or 3 devices with your group at a time. Visit the himalaya, shoot robots or take a ride in a roller coaster. Large TV screens are there so that the spectators are also involved in the games.
You pay the price per VR headset, it does not matter if you are with one or 4 people (1-4 per set up is recommended), the price remains the same. It is possible to use 1, 2 or 3 VR headsets at the same time.
Virtual Reality is an environment that is generated with computers and viewed through a special VR set. The user sees and hears a lifelike experience that is often interactive. It is possible to explore and manipulate the area. In the near future, we can also feel the virtual reality and even smell it. The ultimate goal is an experience that is no longer truly distinguishable.
We ask you arrive at our location at least 15 minutes before your VR Experience. Make sure you check the travel directions to determine at which location you are expected. Our location is Tom Schreursweg 8, 1067MC Amsterdam.
Our location is suitable to accommodate individuals and big business groups from 2 to 500 people. You can combine your VR Experience with a meeting, drinks, BBQ, workshops or other team-building activities. This exercise is excellent for groups of any size!
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